Watch YouTube on Quest VRChat (and PC too!)

Make a YouTube URL Quest-compatible

If you just copy a YouTube URL and paste it into a VRChat video player, it will not work for Quest users because the Quest build does not embed the yt-dlp extractor software like the PC build does. Using this service, you can instantly convert a YouTube URL to make it playable for EVERYONE! Just paste the YouTube URL into the text box below and copy the replacement URL!

To make this more convenient, drag the hyperlink below into your bookmarks bar (press Ctrl+Shift+B to toggle it if necessary), and then click the bookmark when you're on a YouTube video page. If no error pops up, the converted link will be in your clipboard ready to paste into VRChat!

Watch YouTube on Quest (or PC) without leaving VRChat!

Usually you would either need a friend to input videos for you or you would have to open a browser to find and copy a video URL (this is now possible on Quest but it is very laggy). With this service, you can play whatever YouTube videos you want without leaving VRChat! Just type in the URL followed by the name of the video, and the first result from YouTube will play in a format compatible with everyone, on both Quest and PC!


TIP: After typing the prefix,, press the COPY button on the lower left. Next time, you can just press the PASTE button instead of typing it all over again 😉

NEW: Want to see more like it? Get the second, third, fourth etc search result by suffixing the number after a slash like this: cheng hanji cover/2. You can select up to the 100th result.

Advanced usage for world developers can be used to make a user-friendly Quest-compatible YouTube video player: just prefix the user input with If the input is a YouTube URL that matches the regex, it is resolved directly, otherwise it is sent through YouTube search which will probably get what they're looking for.

Even if you're just resolving specific URLs, is still recommended over Jinnai because Jinnai does not proxy google's server, which will block some regions other than where the URL was extracted from, so the video might not work for some people. should work the same for EVERYONE.


If a video does not work, it could be because it is blocked in the server's region, age restricted, suspended or simply "unavailable". The error will be displayed in a 10-second video; to see this error be sure to use STREAM (AVPro) mode, as this kind of video doesn't seem to be working with "Video" (Unity) mode right now. You can also check the URL in a web browser.

Alternative servers

The following servers are provided for temporary/experimental usage in case there is an issue with the main servers. Just replace "" with one of these.

They may change/disappear at any time; do not embed these.

If you still need help or have anything to say, you can use our complimentary Discord server, or you can report bugs on the issue tracker.