Watch YouTube in VRChat without copying URLs!

Instead of opening an external web browser to find videos and copy URLs, you can use this service to conveniently get a YouTube video playing in any VRChat video player just by typing its name at the end of this URL:

You can type in whatever you would type into YouTube search, such as the name of a specific video, a channel, or just general keywords. For example, type in gonna give you up to rickroll your friends or to get some random cat video.

To get the second, third etc result, suffix the number after a slash like so: for the second result, for the third result, etc. You can choose from about 20 results.

TIP: On the VRChat URL input modal, there are COPY and PASTE buttons on the lower left and right, respectively. Use these to avoid typing the same URL prefix over and over again.

NOTE: Results could include live streams, which will not work on Quest VRChat.


As of September 2023, VRChat on Quest can load YouTube URLs directly. Originally, also functioned as a raw video file proxy to support Quest, but this is no longer needed. If you are using for specific video IDs/URLs, please replace them with the original video URL.

If for some reason you want to try the proxy function, replace with This alternative legacy server is provided for experimental usage only.